Help for Anxiety and treatments In Chandlers Ford Hampshire 

Popular Harley Street therapist Mike Ward, the founder of the London Anxiety Clinic and the Hampshire Anxiety Clinic, is soon to be writing all about anxiety. Here in Chandlers Ford Hampshire Mike works with many people who come to see him to overcome their problems with all types of anxiety, he wants to share with you what all the different types of anxiety there are, his top tips and an  anxiety tool box on how  to help  tackle the unwanted symptoms. Keep an eye out for further detail...Whilst Mike is writing these top tips, please click on and visit the clinics mentioned above or arrange a consultation with Mike at his Anxiety Clinic, in Chandlers Ford or at his Harley Street anxiety clinic London.

Your Ideal Weight Clinic Chandlers Ford Hampshire

Are you wanting to lose weight, or even better, get rid of the excess weight you know you want to, and acheive your ideal weight?

Well.. Welcome to Your ideal weight loss clinic in Chandlers Ford Hampshire.

Re-invent Yourself with Neurosciences, The Power of Attention

Some questions: Can you hear the current noises around you? For example the sound of cars passing by your office or by your home? Are you hearing the voices of colleagues? Can you hear the hum of your laptop or of any other electrical device close to you? How about your heartbeat? Can you hear and feel your heart beating? Just pay attention, focus and listen for a few moments.

How Emotional Stress Affects us Physically

Facts of the heart of the average adult heart:

  • Beats 72 times a minute
  • 100,000 times a day
  • 2.5 billion times in a lifetime
  • Weighs 250-350 grams
  • Pumps over 9,000 litres of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels every day
  • Is made of cardiac muscle, which never tires